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UPRT Aero – Upset Prevention and Recovery Services by IDT
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UPRT: Apply Before Flight

Mitigating Loss of Control

Learn how IDT can enhance your airline's safety

Commercial aviation is extremely safe

What is the Problem?

If an accident occurs, it’s most likely because the pilot “lost control” over his/her airplane. The accidents involving AirAsia flight 8501 in December 2014,  Air France 447 in June 2009, Turkish Airlines 1751 and Colgan Air 3407 in February 2009 are some examples. Industry determined that existing practices can be both ineffective and sometimes even contribute to LOC-I accidents.

What is an Upset?

An airplane upset is an undesired airplane state characterized by unintentional divergences from parameters normally experienced during operations. An airplane upset may involve pitch and/or bank angle divergences as well as inappropriate airspeeds for the conditions. These can lead to Loss of Control. Hence, preventing and recovering from upsets is the goal of UPRT.

The most essential part of UPRT is the “P”, or “PREVENTION”: We focus on raising awareness and systematically training a multitude of factors that could eventually lead to upsets, while also training proper recovery techniques, should prevention have failed.

ICATEE Recommendations

The International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes (ICATEE) recommended:

- UPRT academic instruction for all pilots and instructors
- Better use of existing simulators, including surprise scenarios
- Enhanced sim instructor feedback on pilot controls and the aircraft flight envelope
- Aerodynamic enhancements to simulators to include stall characteristics
- Specialised training for UPRT instructors, including on-aircraft portion

These recommendations were integrated into ICAO Manual 10011.

ICAO 10011

National Authority Implementation

EASA issued in May 2015 under parts ORO.FC.220 and ORO.FC.230. Final implementation of all EASA requirements is expected by May 2019.

The FAA has issued Part 121.423 changes for UPRT, including post-stall training in simulators. These are driven by Public Law 111-216 Sec 208, Implementation of NTSB Flight Crewmember Training Recommendations. The FAA requires all Part 121 pilots to be UPRT-trained by March 2020.

EASA UPRT rulemaking
US Public Law 111-216
FAA AC 120-109A
FAA NSP GB 11-05

IDT's role in UPRT

Having been at the helm of developing these requirements, IDT implements these solutions into airlines. We prepare instructors, we deliver the UPRT training tools and we ensure that your training program meets regulatory requirements.


On the LOC-I Problem & Solutions

See More

UPRT Solutions by IDT

UPRT is new - regulations will become effective shortly, and airlines are eagerly starting to implement these safety-enhancing initiatives.

Since 2002, we at IDT have been involved in developing solutions for Upset Prevention & Recovery Training. With over 35 years experience in simulation, human factors and training, we provide airlines with the complete suite of solutions for UPRT.

  • we ensure regulatory compliance
  • we prepare your instructors
  • we deliver the needed training tools

IDT provides the guidance needed to achieve the required capability efficiently and smoothly.

UPRT.aero is your one-stop source for complete UPRT implementation.

Dr. Sunjoo K. Advani
President, IDT b.v.
Founder/Chairman, ICATEE


How to Achieve Your Goals?

IDT implements UPRT solutions into airlines. We prepare instructors, we deliver the UPRT training tools and we ensure that your training program meets regulatory requirements. Learn more about IDT's services and products.

Services and Products

1. Overall UPRT Implementation Guidance

See Project

2. Regulatory Compliance Support

See Project

3. iPad e-Learning App

See Project

4. UPRT Instructor Training

See Project

5. Simulator UPRT Scenarios

See Project

6. Simulator Enhancements

See Project


IDT has or is delivering UPRT services to several major airlines, including South African Airways and Aer Lingus.

South African Airways Testimonial

“IDT’s customer service is outstanding as is their very high level of professionalism and knowledge on the subject of UPRT.”

read more

F/O Bradley Bennets

UPRT Program Manager
South African Airways






LOC-I Presentation

1. Problem Overview

See Project

2. Training Requirements

See Project

More presentation videos will follow

See Project

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