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Simulator Enhancements

Simulator Enhancements

Some established regulations (e.g. FAA Part 60 Rev 2, 2016) call for enhancements to flight models, including extended flight envelopes. Enhancements to motion buffet and even full aerodynamic stall may be required in order to develop proper recovery techniques.

IDT is capable of providing these capabilities and implementing these enhancements to your simulators. With over 30 years experience in flight simulator development and testing, IDT offers a range of services that can improve the performance of simulators for UPRT.

Stall Modelling & Validation

Should a commercial aircraft enter a stall condition, the pilot may witness sudden unexpected aircraft behaviour (for example, one wing may stall before the other). Therefore, the FAA has required that post-stall behaviour be modelled using “type representative” properties, which develop pilot awareness. The training objective is to always unload first if a stall is encountered.

IDT can provide simulator enhancements for full-stall training, using type-representative models to develop correct recovery techniques. In co-operation with the Delft University of Technology, we are developing methods for stall modelling using numerical and empirical techniques, as well as validation methods.

SIMONA Flight Research Simulator at Delft University of Technology