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The knowledge pertinent to Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is vital mitigating LOC-I. Through academics, UPRT can be made effective, and the skills can be retained over a longer period of time.

IDT has developed Skypointer™, the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training for the iPad. While based on the ICAO industry-standard Airplane Upset Prevention & Recovery Training Aid (AUPRTA), Skypointer™ also reviews relevant loss-of-control incidents and accidents, and includes practical knowledge for pilots on UPRT airmanship. Quizzes help pilots to test their knowledge. A separate module for instructors includes the UPRT training syllabi and briefing material.

Skypointer™ turns your iPad in a truly remarkable learning and instruction tool!


Our UPRT application is applied in major airlines as the “backbone to pilot knowledge”.


Our Skypointer™ iPad application is a multi-purpose digital platform for everything an airline or business jet operator needs regarding UPRT:

  • causes of upsets and associated accident database
  • aerodynamics and aircraft handling
  • airmanship of UPRT
  • UPRT training program briefings
  • simulator training syllabi for all major airplane types
  • concise overview of all applicable regulations
  • knowledge validation (test)
  • Skypointer™ is available for Commercial Airlines and Business Jets. A Turboprop version is coming soon.

We also teach you how to apply the exercises found in Skypointer™ through our Train-the-Trainer course on UPRT.

Now also available in a business aviation version!

Skypointer™ is now also available in a business aviation version. The business aviation version academics is based on the jet airliner version but it has its own specific graphics showing business jet models which will be more appealing to business jet pilots.


A Turboprop version of Skypointer™ will also be available soon!


All regulations require pilots to acquire and maintain standardized knowledge on academics pertaining to Loss of Control.

Skypointer™ integrates all that information into a powerful, modern learning experience – with video and graphics-rich content, designed from the pilot’s perspective.


Each contributing factor is discussed. Accidents associated with each cause are summarized in one-page overviews.



From basics to advanced, this section covers the safety-critical aspects of flying:

  • Energy
  • Lift, Angle-of-Attack, Load Factors
  • Airplane stability and control
  • Effects of altitude
  • Effects of CG and weight
  • Aircraft display indications pertinent to UPRT


Many upsets have a significant human element to them. Here, we learn:

  • Disorientation
  • g-loads on the human
  • Startle response and how to mitigate it


Each module is concluded with a quiz to test the candidate’s knowledge. When all modules are completed, the candidate can take a Knowledge Validation Test. The candidate progress and knowledge validation test results can be monitored through our online Skypointer™ dashboard. Instructors will have exclusive access to this dashboard where they can manage users and review their progress.


Through our online portal, instructors have access to the user management page of Skypointer™. The portal allows instructors to add/remove users and to monitor their progress and test results.

Skypointer UPRT application showing example online user management portal webpage


Skypointer™ also contains the IDT UPRT course, with step-by-step implementation. The course has been implemented in several major airlines since its introduction in 2018.


UPRT is made easy and affordable through IDT’s Modular Program. Knowledge and skills are built through multiple, short simulator exercises, linked together in separate Modules.

Module 1 – The essentials: energy, flight controls, manual handling, angle of attack
Module 2 – Load factors, energy recovery and stall fundamentals
Module 3 – Initial Recovery techniques
Module 4 – Advanced Recovery training, startle management, disorientation awareness

Multi-Module Training leads to longer retention as opposed to fitting all EASA elements into a single training session.

It also saves you money – UPRT can be integrated into your normal training sessions, requiring no additional simulator time.



The qualified instructor is the key component in UPRT. The training of line pilots requires that the emphasis be placed on the priorities, and that instructors are able to assess and to raise the competencies of their trainees.

IDT trains your instructors in the same simulators that they will use to teach your crews. By coming to you, we reduce the burden on your crews, and the cost of training.

Using simulators properly – within their capabilities and limitations – is crucial for successful, positive training. Our instructors have extensive experience in airline training and UPRT, including on-aircraft/disorientation training, which we pass on to your instructors through our Modular UPRT program.


Contact us for more information!

We can tell you more about Skypointer™ and its functionalities as well as price details and how the distribution to your pilots work. We would also be happy to give you a trial version of Skypointer™ so you can have a closer look yourself!