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IDT Presence at ICAO LOC-I and UPRT Workshop in Ethiopia

Dramatic takeoff of Boeing 737 after sunset

IDT Presence at ICAO LOC-I and UPRT Workshop in Ethiopia

ICAO continues to roll out UPRT world wide. The proper implementation of the principles of Upset Prevention & Recovery Training…
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Taking the subjective out of simulator feel

An article in CAT Magazine issue August 2016 describes a shift taking place in flight simulation motion systems, taking the…
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An insight into Sunjoo Advani, founder of IDT

CEO Magazine spoke with dr. Sunjoo Advani, president of IDT b.v., about his personal drives, vision and values that define…
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Man4Gen on YouTube

The Man4Gen project has uploaded a video to its YouTube channel “Man4Gen”. Go have a look or CLICK HERE. The…
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Listen to Your Airplane – UPRT saves lives

Learn how Upset Prevention and Recovery Training saves lives by improving the ability of pilots to develop an awareness of…
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IDT featured at ICAO African Region Conference on UPRT

On 22 to 24 June 2015, the Eastern and Southern African (ESAF) Regional Office of ICAO held a conference on…
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Learning to do the right thing

The Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “Airlines Put Pilots in a Real Spin in New Training Initiative”, featuring…
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NOS Coverage of IDT’s Loss of Control Accomplishments

Pilots must practice in reality how to prevent loosing control over their airplane and regain control in the case of…
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Aerodynamic stall can prompt “brain stall”

When pilots face an unexpected event—and with the impressive levels of reliability these days, these are indeed very rare—often there…
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