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NEW! Mobile IOS for UPRT Instruction


Give your instructors a tool that allows them to closely interact with your pilots in the FSTD and deliver UPRT effectively

The Challenge:

Providing real-time and useful feedback on the aircraft status and pilot inputs on a mobile device that allows the instructor to use it from any position in the flight deck

The UPRight™ mobile IOS tool offers instructors real-time information on the aircraft status, pilot inputs and flight envelope in a single glance. The tool reconstructs and represents the aircraft status using information from the simulator host computer (UDP protocol over Wi-Fi). The tool only reads data from the host; it does not return any data or commands to the host. Our implementation guide allows an easy implementation by your simulator engineers. The IOS tool can be installed on any Windows 8 or 10 (mobile) device.


The dynamic V-n diagram offers immediate feedback about the aircraft position in the flight envelope

UPRight™ is fully compliant with EASA CS-FSTD(A) and FAA 14 CFR Part 60 requirements for Instructor Feedback Mechanism for UPRT manoeuvre training.

The IOS tool can be configured for any control yoke or sidestick operated aircraft, two-engine or four-engine. Stall warnings, rudder inputs warnings and any exceedance of the normal flight envelope are indicated on the display. The user can record, store and review sessions with the playback function.

UPRight IOS tool for monitoring aircraft performance and pilot inputs during UPRT in the FSTD. Showing UPRight features and functionalities.

The UPRight™ IOS tool is easily integrated with your host by your simulation engineers* using our protocol description and implementation guide

Flight Envelope Information Pertinent to UPRT

UPRight™reconstructs a real-time V-n diagram, derived from the simulator data stream. IDT also developed an alternative and more intuitive method to represent the same information presented through our aircraft Angle of Attack display.

Angle of Attack (Alpha) and Side Slip angle (Beta) envelopes are presented in the flight envelope diagram. The validation Envelopes must be customer furnished or entered by the customer, or the customer could utilize open-source data such as the AURTA Rev. 2. 

A logical manner of presenting the current validation envelope is also part of UPRight™.

A warning flag is shown in case the flight envelope is exceeded.

Rudder input warning

Rudder inputs, including a warning flag in the event of sudden or oscillating pilot inputs. The triggering of what constitutes an “unacceptable” rudder action can be user selected.

Corresponding time histories (on a separate page) indicate the occurrence of the event, allowing the instructor to decide if the training may continue or if the exercise should be repeated.


UPRight™'s versatile functionalities allow for efficient UPRT FSTD instruction and debriefing

Recording and Playback Functions

UPRight can record sessions of up to 4 hours (dependent on Windows device). However, short recordings are often most beneficial in UPRT “training-to-proficiency”. The tablet can then be taken to the de-briefing room for replay, or the file can be saved for replay on another Window’s device.

Other Functions

Through the control buttons on the right side of the screen, the user has access to the following functionalities:

  • Insert time marker 
  • Save data files with specific names.
  • Time history plots will show the key recorded data in a graph.
  • Full-screen screenshots 
  • Refresh screen button will clear all visible traces in the V-n diagram and Alpha-Beta plot.
  • User account settings allows the user to create multiple user accounts and save recordings to the user’s folder
  • Debug mode is intended to check the (real-time) receiving and activity of all data parameters from the simulator host.
UPRight IOS tool for monitoring aircraft performance and pilot inputs during UPRT in the FSTD. Showing graphical data page.

Contact Us!

We offer demonstrations of UPRight™ at suitable simulator facilities in the Netherlands. Let us know how we can help you.

* IDT provides interface documentation and support to your simulation engineers for the implementation of UPRight™ with the simulator host. Interfacing and implementing the IOS tool with the host is the sole responsibility of the simulator owner.