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Learning to do the right thing

Learning to do the right thing

The Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “Airlines Put Pilots in a Real Spin in New Training Initiative”, featuring the work being led by IDT and its partners. Author Andy Pastor reports several airlines including Delta and South African Airways, worried about the erosion of manual skills, have adopted Upset Prevention & Recovery Training to deal with the threat of Loss of Control In Flight (LOC-I). He quotes IDT president Sunjoo Advani as stating that “Pilots must learn to do the right thing, even when it is counterintuitive”, referring to the challenge of teaching pilots to reduce the angle of attack when the airplane is in a stalled condition. The angle of attack is invariably unrelated to the airplane attitude. Too high an angle-of-attack will cause a stall to occur. An airplane can even be in a stall while also nose down towards the ground. Even then, a pilot must first “push” the nose further downwards, before anything else. Learning this is essential in order to prevent loss of control.

The article further delineates the “Train-the-Trainer” concept being applied at airlines, to fully develop the skills in a small, elite team of their pilots, who then pass on this knowledge to the pilots in that fleet. For example, South African Airways has 770 pilots of which 12 have been fully “UPRT Trained” using light aerobatic-capable aircraft and flight simulators.

Wall Street Journal subscribers will be able to see the entire article through this link.

The full article will be released to the public in about a month time.

Stay tuned – and remember to “push”.

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